Friend in Hampton

Friend in Hampton

Dear friend in Hampton

I am very happy to take this opportunity to write this letter to thank you for sponsoring me.

I am a girl of 19 years who is doing Form 4 in the above mentioned school (Piggs Peak Central). I have three sisters and two brother. Ther is only one brother and one sister who go to school. My brother is doing standard 5 (Grade 7). He should go to form 1 next year but the great problem there is on one to pay the school fees for him and it is very painful to me.  My younger sister is doing form 2 in the same school I go to. She is top in her class. Last year, I was doing form 3 and I got a first class.

I am very happy to be included in the students you are sponsoring because I am benefiting something more special to have a pen friend in your country. I like the spirit you have to the needy people, like me. I really appreciate it and I promise I will use your money profitable by working hard in my studies. I am very grateful to you for what you are doing for me. I was nothing but now I know that I can tell that I'm useful and important like other people.  I would not forget you in my life, you are special to me.

I will put more effort in my work, as I want to achieve something and nobody will stop me, as long as I get school fees. Please don't give up and God may bless all those who help us. Thank You !!!

Yours sincerely

Nontokozo Matsebula

Friend in Hampton