Why would I sponsor a child's eduation in Piggs Peak

Why would I sponsor a child's eduation in Piggs Peak

An AIDS epidemic, on a scale unknown anywhere else in the world, is devastating Swaziland.  Recent reports indicate the incidence of HIV/AIDS is over 40 percent in the small country of about 1 million people. The impact of Swaziland's epidemic has been so severe that life expectancy has dropped to just 32 years - the lowest in the world.


Unfortunately, this is not a short term problem, with an immediate fix. The problem is complicated and requires changes to people’s beliefs and behaviours. In short, we are a generation away from seeing any meaningful advancement toward a solution. The solution rests in the hands of the Swazi children. The Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership is looking to provide help, hope and opportunity to the children of Piggs Peak.


In Hampton, we are proud of our community spirit and we know that, as humans, our community is the world. Our neighbours are not only the people next door but also the people of Africa, the people of Swaziland....the people of Piggs Peak. In this time of crisis, we are compelled to help our neighbours.


Although “the solution” to the problem is complex, there are some undeniable facts:


Children  that are in school have a substantially lower rate of sexual activity, thus preventing HIV / AIDS


The most vulnerable, the orphaned children, are often unable to afford the school fees required. Their immediate    focus is on providing the basic necessities of life.


Educating the young, the leaders of the future, is a key element in winning the war on HIV/AIDS in Swaziland

Why would I sponsor a child's eduation in Piggs Peak